The land we own,like the nature we live every day, we borrowed it from our children and we have to return them ...protected, improved, enriched.

Antonie de Saint Exùpery

Piazza Martina is a small rural village of a few medieval houses, already mentioned in 1227 writings, crossed by an ancient mule track (the chestnut road), which connected the Via Priula with the Via Mercatorum.

The Casa Martina farmhouse is located in the green and peaceful surroundings of this hamlet. There are experiences that leave a memory in the five-senses: you feel them in your stomach, you see them, you taste a taste, smell a scent that even after many years you would recognize everywhere.

The quality of hospitality, making you feel at home, that typical warmth of familiarity. A story that intertwines with tradition, but focuses its gaze on the future and innovation. The ancient profession of the farmer, every day of the year following the rhythms of nature with care and attention.

Values, flavors, aromas, passion, harmony, sharing and sustainability.
To meet people and make their acquaintance, a pleasant opportunity for comparison. Also and above all because there is something that always puts everyone in agreement: the pleasure of good food.