Casa Martina

On marginal lands with significant slopes, the only form of agriculture possible is that of sustainable multifunctionality.

An environment full of history, of water, of greenery ... of simplicity, genuineness, and tranquility.

Here for generations, we produce small fruits and fruit in general that in part we turn into jams, the bees promote pollination and give us small quantities of excellent honey.

Sheep, goats, donkeys, hens give us meat, milk, cheese, eggs to be used for direct sales and in the small farmhouse.

Presidium and maintenance of this our territory: the best custodian of the earth is the one who cultivates it and respects it.

In a dialectal poem dedicated to Piassa Martina we read:

gh'è n'è mia u che al sé lamentà…
co la so brina, i se pèrd mia de coragio…
la zèt a l'è fortà e la gh'à carater,
i mola mia, i è tacàcc a la so tèra.

The moment we make a purchase the only indicator that we keep in mind is the price. It interests only that, not knowing where and how what we eat is made, not what it contains, not how far it has traveled to reach us, not if it gives the peasant who produced it to live.

The fox guarding the chicken coop, the man of paradise, the environmental industry.

Direct sales

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